Provincial Grand Black Chapter of Ontario West

To Instruct in Holy Scripture, To Confirm men in the Protestant Truth, and To Make better Citizens.

             144th Convocation - March 28th, 2020




The Provincial Grand Master, MW Sir Knight Ron Sharpe, in agreement with the executive of the Provincial Grand Black Chapter of Ontario West issues this statement:

With the announcement today from the Provincial government of Ontario of new sanctions and directives on meetings and gatherings we have taken the decision that we are going to cancel the 144th Convocation on March 28th in Toronto. In light of the recent release of the case numbers in Ontario we feel best decision is to forgo meeting on March 28th.

The meeting has been moved to Saturday October 3rd, 2020 taking place now in the Niagara Falls Orange Hall - 6202 Dunn St (at Drummond Rd.) Niagara Falls, ON. Again prayer meeting at 9:30AM and opening at 10AM. This will be monitored and reevaluated if needs be closer to the date.

Along with this the Provincial Grand Black Chapter of Ontario West, in the deceleration of the state of emergency now imposed upon our Province by the Provincial Government we issue to all Preceptories under our jurisdiction.

In the deceleration of the government of Ontario all meetings, functions and gatherings of any preceptory under our jurisdiction shall cease with immediate effect and remain so until direction is otherwise given from this Chapter.

In this we our as the Provincial Grand Chapter declaration the 2020 Red Cross degree meeting of RBP No 292 in Toronto on Good Friday (April; 10th) is cancelled by order of the Provincial Grand Master for this year.

All preceptories are instructed to abide by this decision of the Provincial Grand Chapter and a letter under seal to that affect has been sent to the Registrars of RBPs 159, 292, 346, 834 & 1091

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter. The decision was not made lightly nor without thought and examination. We will issue a letter to all preceptopries when we feel it is once again safe for meetings to resume. Until then please stay safe and any contact or questions please make them to the Provencal Grand Registrar's office.

For the Provincial Grand Master and Officers of the Provincial Grand Black Chapter of Ontario West.

Yours in the Bonds of Christian Knighthood,


MW Sir Knight Michael Thomas, PP
Provincial Grand Registrar,
Provincial Grand Black Chapter of Ontario West

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