Provincial Grand Black Chapter of Ontario West

Derry Day Parade 2015

The flyers had been given and the word passed along to inform of the Derry Day Parade and celebration. The celebration will take place but the parade will not. The local municipality on Friday sent word to us that our request would not be granted du to ongoing construction and concerns of safety. Alternate locations were looked at but the time constants would not allow us this year. We are hopeful next year to have a parade. 


However we will still hold a church service and social time in the Frankford Masonic Hall, 33 King Drive, Frankford, ON  K0K 2C0.

 The service will start at 1 PM. The social will follow.

 All welcome to come and attend.

 Please pass the word along. 

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Thursday, Apr 26 at 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
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